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Today, I read a really interesting artice on an experiment to chance one’s habits. I often tried to change my habits, such as quit smoking, doing some exercise everyday, etc. I guess, I am, like most people, just afraid of change.

That is, why this article was so appealing to me, because it implied to change small things over a (very) limited period of time. 30 days to be exact. Here’s the artice: http://michaelluedeke.com/30-tage-experimente-um-ihre-gefuehlte-lebenszeit-zu-verlaengern/ Unfortunately, it is in German, just as my blog’s title, because someone else had the same idea before and came to the conclusion to block about his “30dayexperiment” in English. 🙂 Anyway, there is a YouTube Video attached of a guy, who changed minor things in his life with a major impact. (Might this be the butterfly effect?! ;-))

So, here is the deal:

1) I will quit smoking for thirty days. Believe me, I consider myself as one of the strongest or to be exact, the most addicted smoker in the world and I guess I never really tried to stop it and when I tried, it was only a couple of hours because then I thought, I would miss something. This time it’s gonna be different, as I know, I will have to leave the cigarettes away for thirty days and if I will miss it, I can start over again. Sounds stupid, but my secret hope is, that I will have realized, that I don’t need it anymore after a month.

2) I will do sports. One hour a day. All kind of diffenent things. Given the fact that I’ve been smoking sice I was sixteen, I used to run. A lot. I even did a couple of Marathons in the past. I want to catch up with that. You’ve got to start somewhere, so I will run. I also want to try some meditation, to calm down. Maybe it help me fight my craving for cigarettes. I’ve never tried it before, but read a lot about it. I also want to do (as every man I know) work on my abs. Twice a week. See how this will go.

3) I will work on a business idea. Again, one hour every day from tomorrow. I had this idea forever but I guess, I never had the guts to really think about it. Now I will have 30 hours (or more?!) to really think about it and bring parts of it to paper.

This experiment starts tomorrow morning. I already set my alarm to 6 a.m. to go out for a 30 mins run, followed by 30 mins of meditation.

I will keep you posted on my 30-day-experiment!



One thought on “Preparation

  1. Hey!

    Thanks for the link to my blog and I think, this idea cannot be put online often enough! Good luck with your tasks and I would really like to hear about your success story afterwards!

    All the best,

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